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About Titanium HVAC

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Omaha’s Titanium HVAC opened its doors in 2016 to serve the metro’s commercial and residential HVAC needs. We offer installations for existing homes and businesses as well as for new construction. We also provide repair and maintenance services for both commercial and residential customers. It’s not unusual for us to hear our customers say that we are meticulous, personable, and have great attention to detail…all while being cost-effective and cost-conscious for our customers.

We believe in finding the right solution to fix your HVAC problems. We don’t believe in “band-aid” fixes—ones that don’t address the root of the problems. Sometimes, ductwork sizing causes systems to fail or work improperly, and we look for those types of problems. Solving problems in this manner ensures that you won’t have the same problem down the road, thus saving you time and money in the future AND overall.

About Omaha’s Titanium HVAC Owner

Kevin Linn

Kevin Linn has had experience in the HVAC industry for over 20 years. He earned his Associate’s degree in Applied Science for HVAC and served as an Assistant Safety Director before starting his own company. His experience in HVAC safety continues in his own business, and he is careful to remain up-to-date on codes to keep his customers safe. Having done HVAC recruiting in the past, he believes that employees and contractors are the face of your company, and he only works with the best to make sure Titanium HVAC is offering its customers the utmost best in customer service.

Kevin is married with two children and is quite active in their sports and activities. “I enjoy time to relax,” Kevin jokes, “…between baseball, football, and dance.”

SFCC COVID-19 workspace safety badge

COVID-19: Workplace Safety

Titanium HVAC has earned the COVID-19: Workplace Safety badge which shows they have current knowledge about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its associated disease COVID-19. They can identify safety protocols for maintaining health and safety returning to work in the office and in clients’ homes and communicate this information clearly.

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