HVAC Healthy Tips for Better Living

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HVAC Healthy Tips for Better Living

Cleaning inside heating floor vent with Vacuum Cleaner

How do you clean your vents?

If you or someone in your family has allergies, cleaning your air ducts can significantly improve their health.

It is best to thoroughly clean them once a year but also to dust them every few months.

Vacuum into the air ducts as far as you can reach. Using a spray cleaner and old rags, clean around the mouth of the vent and ducts. Wash the inside of the ducts as far as you can reach, and don’t forget to clean around the walls of the vent and ductwork. Replace the air filters, and then reattach the clean vent covers.

Closeup of heater exhaust fan inside of furnace. Concept of HVAC maintenance, repair, service and installation

Sanitize Your HVAC System Airflow

Clean and sanitize your blower motor and wheel, evaporator coil, and install a new air filter, all included in our HVAC System Airflow Sanitize Package.

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SFCC COVID-19 workspace safety badge

COVID-19: Workplace Safety

Titanium HVAC has earned the COVID-19: Workplace Safety badge which shows they have current knowledge about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its associated disease COVID-19. They can identify safety protocols for maintaining health and safety returning to work in the office and in clients’ homes and communicate this information clearly.

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